Welcome to our new Website

The challenges faced in the last 18 months have not diminished my commitment to making art, and I am so grateful to the galleries who represent my work that have continued to forge ahead in uncertain times.  Thank You.

And, Thank You too, to all those that have followed my art over the years, and to You who may have recently discovered my art.

During this time we have moved after decades of sub-tropical rainforest living to a sub-tropical coastal environment.  This presents fresh frontiers of discovery within the coastal landscape and habitats.


We’ve approached this new website a little differently to the previous one. With the invaluable assistance of designer Mia Adcock we’ve expanded the overall concept of an artist’s website to include a random photographic section .  Look for the section ‘Interest and Inspiration’.

I take hundreds of photographs each year.  The composition or framing of each photo interests me, which in turn influences ideas into both the glass and paintings I create.  The subjects of these photos are extremely variable, but I’ve tried to limit those shown on the website.  I think they’ll give the viewer an opportunity to look a little deeper into the resultant artworks.

In this section are also images around how the work is created. Photos of an artist painting can be a bit ho-hum, so the emphasis here is on the glass making process which I believe can be pretty engaging.

Additionally we’ve included another photoset of details of the blown glass.  These pictures reveal the compositional considerations of the form of abstraction that I favour.


I’m grateful to Helene my partner in life, and our very special family, Gabe, Annelies, Maya & Chloe who have given this journey meaning.

Thank you.