Art, Glass,
Painting, Sculpture

Noel Hart is an Australian artist working across a range of art forms including blown glass sculptures, paintings, and mixed media. His work is an exploration of biodiversity and its translation into forms of expression. A distinctive aspect of Noel’s art is the recurring theme of the bird motif presented both abstractly and figuratively.



Glass Art

Noel’s glass art work explores a conservationist motif where the metaphoric possibilities of the study of endangered species, and the potential fragility and enduring qualities of glass, are linked in unique singular objects.

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Noel’s paintings consider the free association of ideas, and as such touch on diversity of method, aesthetic and inspiration, usually referring to the artist’s place in nature.

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My work has often had a sculptural 3-dimensional element to it, and that includes some of my paintings which have a low relief factor. For this part of the website, I’ve focused on images which are somewhat easier to read as 3-dimensional and sculptural.

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