The Rewilding – solo exhibition October 5- 31, 2018 – Ulladulla, Australia

The WALL ART projects

blown glass & paintings

 solo exhibition
Friday, October 5 > October 31, 2018
Ulladulla, NSW Australia


                                                                                  Diadema Lorikeet blown Glass – 33cn H x 35cm X  7cm D

                                        Red Tide – paints & pigments on jute & cotton – 92cm H x 76cm W

In this exhibition I have continued to explore my relationship with the natural world through my blown glass works and paintings, as a direct result from living in sub -tropical rainforest.

Art Objects can be designed to express and connect to the sublime, the transcendental, the most powerful forces and instincts that animate human existence.  The object of my artwork has been to interpret the idea of 'Power Objects'  and images, linking the primitive to the contemporary around an interest in biodiversity and extinction, and a symbolic intervention between the two.
My practice generally revolves around painting and blown glass, which in turn are related by the connectinng threads of process and obsessions.

THE WALL art projects
Eastside Mall, 113 Princes Hwy
Ulladulla NSW 2539 Australia

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