February 2016 – Commissioned Artworks

Over the last  few months I've recently completed a commission for a new coastal resort in Byron Bay, Australia  – Elements of Byron,  which has now officially opened its  doors to the public.

Inspired by the nature nbased themes of this resort, my installation is a feature artwork in the reception area.  The five parts comprise blown glass and wrought iron components which are informed by the five Australian Black Cockatoo species, including  the locally critically endangered Coastal Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.
The appearance of this installation changes through the day with the natural light from the east illuminating the artwork in the mornings, through to feature lighting illuminating it at night.

Below is a close-up of one of the five pieces – this one is representational of the Red Tailed  Black Cockatoo.
In addition to the glass installation, I have also completed a suite of paintings for  the private dining room.  These paintings were to reflect the four eco-systems occurring on the site – the Dunal ecosystem, the Wetlands, the Eucalypt forest and the Rainforest.  I'm quite au fait wit hthe landscape and biodiversity of this area, so it was a theme I was very comfortable with.  The paintings are Oil Paint and Charcoal  on Jute Coffee Bags on Board.

And,  below is a close up of one of  these paintings – The Eucalypts