2017 November 3 > 12, Vienna Art Fair, Austria

Art & Antique Fair
Imperial Palace (Hofburg)
Vienna, Austria
November 4 > 12, 2017

Opening and Vernissage for invited guests – November 3


This art fair in Vienna is a nine day event held at the Hofburg (Imperial Palace) in Vienna, Austria, and has approximately 50 participating national and international galleries.
The event showcases Art, Antiques and Design, from around the world,
which include modern and contemporary art, antiques, paintings, graphic art, glass, furniture, folk art, sculpture, and more.
Gallery Sikabonyi from Vienna, who have represented Noel Hart for several years in Europe, will be presenting his most recent glass sculpture.
above: Timberline Tiger Parrot – blown glass 37cm H c 30cm W x 7cm D

below: Timberline Parrot in the Snow Mountains, Irian Jaya – blown glass – 41cm H x 48cm W x 7cm D
above: Philippine Hanging Parrot blown glass, 33cm H x 26cm D x 7cm W
enquiries for these and other artwork which will be presented please contact:

Astrid & Andre' Sikabonyi
Gallery Sikabonyi: info@the-glassplace.com
phone: + (01) 512 9438

Gallery Sikabonyi
Kohlmarkt 7
1010 Vienna, Austria