2017 – February 5>18 – Heirloom – Qdos Arts, Australia


February 5 > 18, 2017
Lorne, Victoria, Australia

 Qdos Arts is located in the beautiful Victorian seaside village of Lorne, and for two weeks in February an exhibition of hand picked art pieces in various mediums by Gallery Director, Graeme Wilkie will be on exhibition.

Below are two blown glass sculptures (a total of five will be exhibited), which follow on from Noel Hart's explorations in using parrots as a symbol. The fact that many parrot species have gone extinct relatively recently and others are almost gone, on the verge of extinction,  is the impetus for creating these pieces.The idea embedded in these works is that these species should be increasing rather than disappearing.

The forms are flattened – reflecting his other artistic career as a painter, and the motif of the parrot is expressed in a painterly semi abstract manner – the titles hinting at what they represent.


                                Wylah  blown glass – 34cm H x 27cm W x 6cm D                                                    Araucaria Parakeet – blown glass – 39cm H x 30cm W x 6cm D
Graeme Wilkie
Director, Qdos Arts
ph: 03 5289 1989
e: qdos@iprimus.com.au